Green Rhinos Program

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ASED launched the Green Rhinos Program on the remote islands of K-Plot and Maipith in the Sundarbans on 27 and 28 April 2012!!

Youth are chosen by their schools based on interest and potential and enrolled in the Green Rhinos program, where we provide them with environmental education and leadership training sessions. Their education includes a presentation on nature in their region, the people and their relationship with nature, the environmental issues facing these ecosystems, and how the students can protect their environment. The transformational leadership training provides the students with the inspiration and tools to create and execute their own nature conservation projects. Mentorship is provided by their teachers and ASED. So far, over 600 Green Rhinos have been created.

576 Green Rhinos are on the remote islands of K-Plot and Maipith in the Sundarbans, a large and fragile ecosystem of mangroves in West Bengal where environmental conservation is a very urgent issue. Some of the projects which the Green Rhinos have created include the planting of over 2,000 saplings in the Sundarbans, a garbage cleaning drive in their village and the creation of compost pits for organic waste, and more. Green Rhinos in Kolkata have campaigned among their peers, families and community for the wise use of plastic bags.

Our short term goal is to create 5,000 Green Rhinos by December 31, 2014.

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